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SVHCS Inc.,  was founded in 2009 and is a canadian owned company, SVHCS is an innovative company that consists of several divisions to cater to your needs. SVHCS  strive to provide a variety of services, such as affordable patient-centred care, education,Hospital, Retirement Homes, Doctors and Dental offices, and Long-Term Care supplemental staffing,Respite and Care giver relief services. Cleaning/Housekeeping, General Labour, Childcare,  insurer services, and  Senior Discounted Moving Services in Toronto/GTA.

About Senior Vocational Healthcare Services, Inc.

SVHCS, Inc., a privately owned and operated by a board of directors. SVHCS is a Canadian company that has been operating since 2003 - is an innovative company that consists of several divisions to cater to your needs. We strive to provide a variety of services,  tailored to our client's needs, such as quality and affordable patient-centred healthcare, education, Nursing care, care after surgery and hospitalization, post injuries, Therapy and Rehab services, Palliative care, wound care, cleaning/housekeeping, general labour, childcare, and  Senior discounted moving services in Toronto/GTA.

SVHCS staff are compassionate, respectful, and hardworking. SVHCS, Inc. offers familiarity, and timely care, ensuring that the client's dignity, independence, confidentiality, and autonomy are a priority.  SVHCS supports health professionals in their clinical training and development with ongoing services provided by certified educational instructors. There are a variety of job/learning opportunities available at SVHCS, Inc. 

​SVHCS provides service to persons of all ages and dispositions: Elderly, Disabled, Children, in-firmed, Infants, Youths, and Adults. In addition, SVHCS offers respite care services for  Alzheimer's patients, Dementia, Autism, and for those who need a break from caring for loved ones or from their everyday household routines and responsibilities. We provide help and care for those who want to remain in their homes and may need help with light meal preparations, laundry, light housekeeping, a sitter or companion around the clock or for a few hours a day. SVHCS also provides supplementary staffing for Long-term Care Facilities, Retirement Homes, Doctor's Offices, Dental Offices, Laboratories, insurer services, general labourers, & and much more. SVHCS, Inc. Our staff are qualified and made of a network of licensed professionals, who are screened, and insured, with supervision to ensure the safety of our clients, patients, and community - All staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Emergency care, relief care, and long or short-term assignments are available.



  • SVHCS charges on pre-arranged hourly rates. Rates per hour depend on the category of professional staff you require and the number of hours of service you need. Staffing is provided per shift basis for facilities: nursing homes, Retirement Homes hospitals, and private home care.

  • There is a minimum of 4 hours required for services in the home, private duty, and shift work in institutions: Long-term care, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and group homes.

  • An initial deposit is required for services to begin (contact SVHCS, INC for more details).

  • SVHCS accepts:

  • Federal and Provincial Government Plans

  •  Private insurance plans

  •  Workplace benefits

  •  Short-term and long-term disability insurance

  •  Workplace safety insurance

  • Grants or Allowances from disease-specific associations

  •  Out-of-pocket

  • Financial support

  •  Financial Assistance Available for those who qualify. Payment plans accepted. Contact SVHCS for more information.

  • We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard                                                                                                 

  • Discover

  • American Express

  • Paypal  

  • Debit

  • Apple Pay

Office Hours

10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays from 12 pm to 6 pm, Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm

After-hours coordinator available for calls 24 hours a day /7 days a week to assist you 


Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Value

Mission Vision Value
  • Consumer Centeredness – Our consumers are at the center of every decision we make, program we develop, and services and supports we provide to ensure they receive the best care with compassion, respect and dignity and excellence.

  • Employee Engagement – We foster a workplace that promotes the highest professional standards; encourages employee collaboration, teamwork, and work-life balance; and offers opportunities for career development and advancement.

  • Diversity and Inclusion – Our agency recognizes the rights of all individuals (i.e., staff, consumers, vendors and others interacting with SVHCS, Inc.) to mutual respect without bias of any kind and embraces a professional ethic of honesty and integrity as key components of diversity and inclusion.

  • Financial Responsibility and Sustainability – Our leadership team focuses on strengthening our long-term financial performance so we can continue to reinvest in our consumers, employees and communities.

  • Teamwork – We encourage a work environment that values collaboration and promotes diversity and inclusion.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Senior Vocational Healthcare Services, Inc. is devoted to creating an environment where all clients and staff feel welcome, respected, valued, and able to contribute. We maintain that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, should be treated with dignity and compassion. SVHCS, Inc. is respectful of your cultural needs, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Safety is foremost in our minds. We aim to foster a place where everyone can be themselves and receive positive reinforcement for doing so. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected, and we are always looking for ways to improve our diversity and inclusion initiatives. We work closely with our clients, staff, and our community partners to prevent, investigate, communicate, and minimize occurrences of error.

Diversity and inclusion are defining strengths as part of our agency and are essential to accomplishing our mission.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting activities celebrating the different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, races, and religions that make up our workforce

  • Striving to recruit and promote qualified candidates from culturally diverse backgrounds

  • Encouraging a culture that values staff collaboration and mutual respect among our peers and those we serve


Senior Vocational Healthcare Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Need Support?

Do you know someone who needs assistance at home with everyday tasks, such as bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping, medication management and/or childcare? Or, perhaps you know a caregiver who needs services and support for themselves and their care partners. Our Information and Referral team at Senior Vocational Healthcare Services (SVHCS, Inc.) can help you. 

Our Services



Maintaining a healthy living space takes effort. As we age, the ability to complete household chores around the house decreases. Our team of dedicated caregivers is here to assist with daily homemaking tasks like housekeeping and meal preparation for the individuals we serve.


Companionship is an important aspect of overall health. We recognize this need and have incorporated it into our care. Whether it is having someone to engage in conversation with in the home, or someone to participate in an activity with your loved one, Carefect caregivers are here to provide companionship in the home and on outings in the community.



Attending to the personal needs of our patients is a serve we take seriously. We understand the delicacy of personal home care and are intentional about paring our patients with caregivers who are not only trained to provide home care, but whom they feel comfortable with.


Temporary Staffing

                                                          Temporary Staffing

  • provides employers with reliable, temporary help, and assistance with finding full-time employees

  • provides equal opportunity employment on a "work today, paid today" basis

  • Eligibility

  • Individuals 18 years and older

  • Application Process

  • Registration is held every day from 10 am and is approximately two hours long * individuals must make an appointment

  • submit  resume via email, photo ID and Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required at the time of registration

  • Employers call anytime to set up accounts

  • Office

  • Phone:289-374-8575

  • After Hours Phone

  • 24 hrs /7 days a week on-call coordinator available for your needs

  • Web Site

  • visit website:

  • Email


  • Languages

  • English

  • Contact us using phone, email, or our contact page on the website

For Professionals

We collaborate with province and local agencies, healthcare companies, businesses, and individuals to address issues affecting the well-being of consumers who rely on us for essential services and supports.


Partner With Us

Learn more about working with Senior Vocational Healthcare Inc.


Explore Resources

Take a look at the many community resources and supports available.


Submit A Referral

Submitting a referral online for services and supports is simple.

Our Patient-centered Approach

The many programs and services we offer are designed to be patient and family-centered – ensuring all clients are involved in planning, developing, and monitoring care. You are at the center of every decision we make, program we develop, and services and supports we provide.


 Home Care and Nursing Services 

Homecare and Personal

Our in-home services and support are provided through a network of home care professionals who must consistently meet our standards for providing the best care available with compassion, respect, and dignity. We make every effort to make sure that the care we provide our clients is personalized and patient-focused care based on their individual preferences and needs. Personal routines differ from person to person and finding a balance that works well for an individual is a task we gladly take on. We have caregivers who can come to your home at specified times. Whether it is during the day or at night, we ensure that the support provided is reliable and professional at all times. We also offer flexible short-term and long-term personal care options. If there is a need for continuous support 24/7, you can count on us to provide caregivers who are caring,well-trained, experienced, screened, and bonded to care for the needs of your loved one.

What We Offer

  • Nursing services and Nursing staffing

  • Residential/ Institutional Care is our specialty: We service long-term care homes, retirement homes, hospitals, and group homes for their supplemental staffing needs

  • Home-delivered meals and grocery shopping

  • Homemaking services, including meal preparation, laundry, and housekeeping

  • Personal care, including assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming

  • Medication management assistance

  • Money management to ensure that bills are paid and finances are in order

  • Home Support Services, Respite, Relief Care for families and caregivers, Nanny/Childcare

  • Adult Day Health for socialization and companionship

  • Transportation for elderly: to grocery store, appointments, banking, etc.

  • Placement Services for employers/Domestic Workers

  • Cleaning Services per Contract rates

  • Moving services for seniors at affordable rates

We have caregivers who can come to your home at specified times. Whether it is during the day or at night, we ensure that the support provided is reliable and professional at all times. We also offer flexible short-term, long-term,  permanent or temporary, and emergency personal care options. If there is a need for continuous support 24/7, you can count on us to provide caregivers who are caring,  screened, bonded,well-trained, and experienced to care for the needs of your loved one.


Senior Vocational Healthcare Services, Inc. provides services for people with physical and developmental disabilities and illnesses, regardless of their age or abilities. 


We serve individuals with disabilities (ages 3 and older) and their families with a range of special needs homecare services and resources, long-term supports, adult family care, adult day healthcare, autism respite services, help with Alzheimer's or Dementia care, nursing services provided by RN and RPN, in-home caregiving services, such as dressing, bathing, transportation arrangement, and meal preparation. ​Our case managers will work with you in developing personalized and patient and family-focused care.

 Respite Care Services 

If you’re acting as a primary caregiver, then you know how difficult it can be to manage the day to day needs of someone else. It’s exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. You feel obligated to be a good caregiver, and it’s hard to reconcile that with how draining the experience can be. This often leads to feelings of guilt or resentment, alongside he burnout experienced by many caregivers.

These are perfectly normal feelings, and it’s important to acknowledge them. It’s also important to recognize that you can share the burden. Respite care consists of a care companion who visits your home to provide care and support for your elderly relative. That gives you a chance to leave the house to recuperate and relax. Too often, caregivers find it hard to make time for themselves, but obtaining this respite from caregiving is important for your mental health.

Respite care can use the in-person model, in-facility model, or both. The goal is to find what makes you and your loved one most comfortable. This can vary based on age, diagnosis, prior health industry, whether you need short-term or long-term care, and more. Remember, no matter what your home situation is like, an experienced staff from a respite care agency can work under a wide variety of conditions.


Homemaking/Cleaning Services 

Quality cleaning means paying attention to detail. We’ve put together an experienced team of cleaners who are driven to provide the best possible cleaning services for you. The main objective of any senior cleaning service is to ensure your parents are living in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Homemaker and Cleaning

                          MORE SERVICES

  • Specializing in Residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the GTA and other surrounding areas

  • servicing homes, condos, apartments, offices, and more

  • Deep Cleaning: Fridge, stove, oven, microwave, reachable spaces, floors, lights, walls, and windows & bathrooms

  • Home Suite Home Coordination of Transitions: Accompaniment to view and find the new home, groceries, setting up insurance, change of address, purchasing of new items, and safekeeping of valuables if needed

  • Move-In/Set Up: Unpacking and helping to organize and set up the new home

  • Move-Out Preparations: Decluttering, packing, sorting, selling, move out cleaning, and discarding and/or donating

  • General Household Maintenance: Decluttering, donating, sorting, drawers, closets, shelves, and cupboards

  • Hazardous/Medical Cleaning: Animal and/or human biological waste, including incontinence


What to Expect?

Our deep cleaning services include scrubbing, sanitizing and disinfecting areas such as the kitchen (all appliances, cupboards, bathroom(all fixtures) and other areas as needed. This is a recommended service for elderly persons who have not been able to deep clean in this capacity due to limited mobility issues caused by the normal process of aging, a fall, and recent accidents causing disability. Deep cleaning is particularly beneficial for those individuals who have weakened immune systems, allergies or other medical conditions that leave them vulnerable to infection and toxins.  Many families choose an elderly housekeeping service that cares about your loved one’s personal care needs and ensures they have a comfortable, safe and healthy environment. This is an important decision, and here is how we can help:

  • Complimentary Consultation to determine which type of cleaning service would be best for you

  • Customized Cleaning Solutions – Using your choice of cleaning supplies

  • Professional Cleaning Staff who are detail-oriented, organized and trained to work within a variety of environments

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured Staff to ensure your senior’s personal safety and the prevention of theft

  • First Aide and CPR Certified Health Care Aides and Cleaners to ensure the personal safety of the clients we serve

  • Health-Focused Home Care Aides to assist with light housekeeping as well as personal hygiene care

  • Cleaning staff are trained to help individuals who have challenges with hoarding; to live in a clean, de-cluttered and healthier environment

  • Cleaning staff can assist with Move-In & Move-out transitional deep cleaning and packing services




Our Companionship Service Includes:

  • Reading & conversation – having someone to share thoughts with and engage in meaningful conversation with makes life enjoyable. With age, eyes may become fatigued more easily and some seniors may need assistance with reading their favorite newspaper or book.

  • Walks – whether for health benefits or taking in nature, going for a walk with a companion can make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Senior center outings – this is another enjoyable outing many seniors enjoy because they can meet and mingle with other seniors and enjoy a sense of community.

  • Help with crafts, photo albums – stimulating the creative part of the brain through crafts and other creative projects has many advantages. Our caregivers are available to help your loved one explore their creativity.

  • Travel companion exploring new adventures and discovering new places is something many seniors enjoy doing. Many find it more enjoyable when they have a companion to share new experiences with. Our caregivers are available to serve as travel companions.

  • Shopping for groceries or clothing – having someone accompany you on a trip to the store and give feedback when needed is something many of our clients appreciate and value.

  • Playing games – this is an enjoyable activity that is bound to bring up many laughs. Whether it’s a game of chess, dominos or cards, our staff can help your loved one engage in friendly competition.

  • Organizing – our caregivers are happy to lend a hand and conversation during tasks like organizing closets, bookshelves or even garages.

  • TV/Movies – watching TV often sparks conversation and it’s great to have someone around to share a thought, laugh or insight with.

  • Dining out and visiting friends – our caregivers are here to provide company when our clients go on an outing or take a trip to visit friends or family.

  • Attending club meetings, plays, concerts – warmer months often bring many opportunities to go out to plays and concerts. Our caregivers are available to provide company for our clients as they attend events.

  • Gardening, planting flowers – many seniors enjoy outdoor hobbies like gardening. Our caregivers can assist by helping with some gardening tasks and good ol’ conversation.

  • Letter writing – this is a preferred means of communication for many seniors. However, some ailments may make this activity challenging. Our caregivers are happy to step in and help our seniors stay in touch with their loved ones.

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